What a Fresh Coat of Paint & Stucco Repairs Can Do for Your House

What a Fresh Coat of Paint & Stucco Repairs Can Do for Your House

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It’s hard to beat the aesthetic appeal of the stucco mansions from the outside. Houses have been clad in this cement-like, durable substance for decades. When appropriately maintained, its lifespan can easily extend beyond 50 years. The experts at Jersey Shore Stucco understand the importance of keeping your home’s stucco in pristine condition via routine painting and maintenance.

Benefits of Stucco Painting & Repair

Prevents Moisture

Stucco will collect water if you don’t paint it. The need for frequent repainting becomes especially pressing in wet and snowy climates. Coating stucco with paint makes it more watertight. Your home will be uniform in color and impervious to water damage. To prevent water damage, seal any holes or cracks in your walls.

Conceals Defects

Rust spots and streaks can appear on your stucco when water runs down your roof, gutters, or windows. These stains can be removed or covered with paint; once it dries, they won’t come back for years.

Close Gaps & Repair Splits

High-quality stucco paint can conceal and prevent the deepening of minor cracks in your stucco. Expert painters and repairmen can patch holes and replace damaged stucco with caulk and masonry supplies. You won’t even notice these issues once we’re done fixing them.

Provides UV Protection

All surfaces exposed to the elements risk cracking and other damage from ultraviolet (UV) radiation. If you paint your stucco a light color, it may assist reflect the sun’s heat and keep your home cooler.

Increase Exterior Curb Appeal

You can make your home’s stucco last longer and look better if you paint it and restore any damage. There are various paint colors from which to choose to express your individuality.

Whether or not you plan to sell, improving your home’s curb appeal will make a living there more pleasurable. A home with painted stucco has a neat, traditional appearance that will please visitors, neighbors, and potential purchasers. Properly maintained stucco may increase the selling price of a home.

Do I Have to Hire a Professional?

The average homeowner lacks the knowledge, equipment, and experience to paint stucco independently and successfully. You should use experts to paint your house’s stucco if you want it to look good.

Professionals can repair Stucco and eliminate staining, chipping, and other issues. Some of these unsightly issues may compromise the integrity of your house’s framework and diminish its curb appeal. Plaster should be repainted every 5–10 years to keep the exterior fresh.

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