What's the difference between repairing stucco and remediating stucco?

Stucco repair simply involves sealing of cracks and tears that temporarily fix stucco issues and requires less skill from contractors. While stucco remediation includes extensive inspection and replacement of underlying damaged stucco making it more durable but more expensive since it needs highly skilled workers.

How much does it cost to fix stucco issues?

The price range for stucco repairs/remediation is mostly dependent on the amount of damage that needs to be fixed, the materials and equipment involved, how big the area is, and how quickly the job needs to be done among other factors. Nationally, contractors charge anywhere between $40- $50 per hour or $60 -$120 per square foot.

How long does stucco remediation take?

This once again depends on the scope of work that was done, but a regular stucco repair/remediation project can last from 10-18 days.

Is it okay to paint on stucco?

It is alright to apply paint on stucco especially if it’s to add protection to it (e.g. waterproof/sunproof paint). Stucco is a long-lasting coating often used for homes since it gives off an aesthetic look while effectively protecting the house from outside elements.

Is stucco waterproof?

Stucco is water resistant by design but too much exposure to the outside environment could create small cracks and imperfections that could let water in. The reliable solution to “waterproof stucco” is to place a waterproof barrier behind the stucco and then apply a waterproof sealant or paint over the stucco.

Is stucco expensive to maintain?

Stucco is relatively affordable and easy to upkeep, but it still needs to be taken care of on a regular basis for it to last.