The reference staff at a library is comprised of both professional librarians and those library associates who have been trained specifically to locate a wide variety of information through various channels. These channels include but are not limited to books, websites, subscription-based databases, and human contacts. More info.

Library customers have access to a reference collection and a team of reference professionals to fulfill their need for accurate, current, and pertinent information. The volumes in the print reference collection are crucial to providing reference services, so they must be accessible for consultation at all times. Because of this, reference materials are not passed around.

Timing for the response of the reference service

The staff of the Reference Department responds to questions asked by patrons both in-person and remotely (through phone or email). As a general rule, precedence is given to those individuals who are physically present. Customers should be aware that their needs will be addressed as fast as possible, commensurate with the demand for reference service and other onsite customer care, when they contact the library by phone or email with questions or comments. People who get reference services through phone or email may, in most cases, anticipate receiving a response within twenty-four hours, if not sooner. It is only natural that the requested information will play a role in estimating the amount of time needed to produce a suitable answer.

The breadth of the reference-checking service

The absolute top priority of reference services is delivering up-to-date information that is verified as accurate and comes from well-known sources. When there is a lack of material of a high quality that has been published, reference librarians often direct those looking for information to other institutions (such as special libraries), organizations (such as professional groups), and individuals (such as law librarians, lawyers, doctors, or accountants). Even though librarians strive to be knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics, it is unethical and unprofessional for reference librarians to provide advice that ought to be provided by a different kind of professional who has received another type of education and has a different set of credentials.

Attitude and Manner

The primary responsibility of reference staff is to assist clients in locating the resources and information they need. Although reference staff members have other commitments, customers should feel welcome and at ease when visiting a librarian (unless they are on the telephone or assisting another patron). The right to always anticipate a polite answer to a patron’s request for help is something that every customer has. Customers are responsible for treating the Reference Department members with respect and courtesy. Abuse of any kind, whether verbal or physical, will not be permitted in the library.


Library Card

Anyone who lives in the Borough of Sayreville and is five years old or older is welcome to join the library without payment. When requesting a library card or renewing one, appropriate identification must be provided. The identity must include both the name and the address. Cards are not transferrable and must be renewed every three years.

The minimum age for children is five. When registering to use the library. The parent or guardian accompanying the kid must have a Sayreville Library Card in good standing, and proof of age is necessary. All child identification card applications (through the sixth grade) need the parent or legal guardian’s signature. Children cannot use adult cards to borrow items.

A free Sayreville Library Card is also available to anybody working in the Borough of Sayreville. Customers who get cards because they work in Sayreville will have access to all membership benefits except complimentary DVD rentals. Instead of borrowing DVDs from the patrons, it will cost $2.00. You must have a valid identity and evidence of employment in the Borough of Sayreville. However, a Sayreville card is not required if your local library is a member of a network that allows for reciprocal borrowing. So long as they take part in LMxAC, MURAL, or Open Borrowing, you may use your library card from your hometown.

Public Computers & Printing

There are PCs with Internet connections and subscription databases in the adult room, quiet room, and kids’ room. All of these devices also support word processing. Every public computer has the Windows 10 operating system installed. Microsoft Office is established on every public computer. Microsoft Office includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, and Access. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Google Chrome are a few web browsers. Adobe Reader 11 is also preinstalled on every PC.

Using your Sayreville library card

You may choose any available computer—type in your PIN and library card number. Your first session will start right away. Customers of Sayreville are permitted up to two sessions per day of public computer usage. A resident of Sayreville must use the Sayreville library card. Computer use will be prohibited if your card has expired or has too many penalties. You must request a guest pass if you don’t have your card.

Don’t have a Sayreville library card?

To get a visitor pass, go to the Reference Desk. A one-session visitor ticket will be given to you. Any computer may be used to input the card number and PIN from the guest pass. One visitor pass may only be used per day. Click here.

You may use one of our 15-minute session Express PCs in the lobby if you don’t want to utilize a guest pass and don’t have a library card. Instead of requesting your library card number, these express machines require you to enter your name. (If you need to print anything, this is how you release your print job. Please keep in mind what you type!) The session will stop after fifteen minutes.

Do you need more time?

If at least one computer is available near your seat, you’ll automatically get an extra 30 minutes. The hour before closing time does not ensure the provision of additional time. Your session will end, and there won’t be a chance for an extension if someone else is waiting for a computer.

Visit their website or contact (732) 727-0212 for additional information.