RWJ Fitness & Wellness is a cutting-edge fitness and wellness facility with an unheard-of selection of first-rate amenities to support you in reaching your fitness objectives. Check this out.

With cutting-edge information, potent tools, and inspiring experiences, they are dedicated to resolving the core issues behind fitness failure and promoting healthy habits.


To assist individuals of all ages and physical levels in successfully achieving their objectives for their health and well-being.


The facility provides a complete, cutting-edge facility that is well-equipped to meet the members’ requirements who require structure, supervision, instruction, and motivation.


It aims to provide a specialized approach to fitness and wellbeing by offering monthly fitness evaluations and personal training sessions tailored to the requirements of each member.


It is far more extensive than the traditional fitness facility programming, focusing on family-friendly motivation, education, and prevention. A multidisciplinary medical advisory board guarantees the availability of only the highest standards in programming, training, and education.



They provide a pool for everything from water exercises to leisure.

Give your joints and muscles a soothing but effective water workout.


Their Parent & Me program is a water orientation and adaptation lesson that teaches the fundamentals and helps kids feel at ease in the water. At the kid’s developmental stage, skills are presented, and as the child develops, they are built upon. Both children and parents will enjoy this lesson. Each session lasted 30 minutes.

Swim Lessons

From ages 3 to adult, swimmers and non-swimmers may benefit from swim classes to improve their swimming and water safety abilities. Building confidence via swimming is quite beneficial. Packages for private and semi-private lessons are offered. The scheduling of tasks is flexible.

Swin Team

It’s taken to the next level by joining the swim team! This program is for anyone wishing to sharpen their competitive timing and strength in a welcoming, supportive setting.

The ability to show proficiency in each of the four competitive strokes is a prerequisite (freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly).

Sweat Stroke Analysis

Boost your stroke effectiveness to perform at your best in the water. Let one of the licensed coaches evaluate your stroke technique to identify areas for improvement and methods for improvement. Increase your proficiency and achieve your personal best.

CPR/AED Training

Understand how to deal with a cardiac or respiratory emergency, including how to use an AED (AED). Their CPR/AED courses will provide you with the knowledge and abilities needed to save a life by focusing on practical training. All classes follow OSHA’s Best Practices for Workplace First Aid Training Programs, and certificates are given out after successful completion. There are alternatives for both adult and infant/child CPR.



Every visit should be planned to suit your mood and energy level, whether it’s Pilates or intense kickboxing. After choosing your favorites (and you will have choices), take advantage of a selection of schedules and teachers to suit your tastes. All yoga teachers must possess a certification that calls for a minimum of 200 training hours, and all group fitness instructors must have a general group fitness certification like the AFAA.

Modifications to meet all skill levels

Group fitness classes provide accountability and organization. You are guaranteed a balanced exercise in a certain period while working out under the guidance of a fitness expert. You may switch things up or take the same class weekly. Your fitness level may be improved with guidance from a Group Fitness teacher on when and how to step up the intensity of the workout. Of course, you may go at your speed while doing this.


What is the Pilates reformer?

The Pilates Reformer provides a specific and individualized total-body exercise. It assists in creating a stronger foundation, which results in a stronger body overall by consistently exercising the core muscles. Their Pilates teachers collaborate with you through individualized programming to achieve your objectives. These programs address internal imbalances in the body through gait improvement, posture, and daily activities. Many people get relief from the pain brought on by these bodily abnormalities.

Rehabilitation Services

Stay Active

Physical therapy will probably be essential to getting you back to your best health, whether you have suffered a traumatic accident, are recuperating from effective surgical treatment, or have a disease that limits your mobility. Committed doctors, experts, and physical therapists provide these essential transitional therapies to help their patients and their loved ones return to regular activities as quickly and securely as possible.

When is physical therapy necessary?

Patients who have had surgery or had an event involving trauma (such as a sports activity or a vehicle accident) or who have another ailment that negatively affects their motor abilities need physical therapy more than before. For patients to resume the exercise and freedom they had back to their medical condition, this treatment focuses on improving their mobility, strength, and coordination.

PT is often necessary for patients suffering from

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac rehabilitation, or just “cardiac rehab,” enables you to actively participate in enhancing your cardiovascular health. Patients with cardiovascular illness or those who are recuperating from heart surgery or other cardiac procedures may benefit from this outpatient cardiac rehabilitation program, which combines medically supervised exercise with a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, their program offers you counseling and educational programs that might lower your chance of developing cardiac issues in the future.

Their cardiac rehabilitation institutes provide various methods to manage your illness and stop it from worsening while ensuring you have the highest quality of life possible. Their cardiac rehabilitation institutes can routinely meet or surpass national criteria regarding quality, results, and patient happiness. Due to this achievement, several facilities have been accredited by The Joint Commission and the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR) (TJC).

Who Would Be a Good Candidate?

One of the best things you can do for your heart is cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiovascular rehabilitation may help you take control of your health and may benefit your heart’s future even if it cannot reverse the past. You may gain especially if your medical history includes

The cardiac rehabilitation program is comprised of 3 phases:

Phase I (Inpatient Bedside Care Management): During this phase, patients are given information on cardiac illness and the required course of therapy. Along with your doctor, nurses, dieticians, and social worker, a physical therapist or exercise physiologist will be a member of your recovery team if you have heart surgery and are deemed a candidate for cardiac rehabilitation.

This phase aims to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle by lowering your cardiac risk factors. Based on your medical history, exercise stress test results (if your cardiologist has advised one), and a doctor’s prescription, the team creates an activity program for you.

Phase II  (Outpatient Medically Supervised Monitored Exercise Program): By lowering your cardiac risk factors, this phase aims to help you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Based on your medical history, exercise stress test results (if your cardiologist has advised one), and a doctor’s prescription, the team creates an activity program for you.

Phase III (Lifestyle modification and management): During this stage, you’ll get assistance in establishing objectives for bettering your heart health and working with your healthcare team to find methods to do so both physically and emotionally.

They are developing a new playbook for sustainable health to keep people moving, thinking, and behaving in ways that create better lives and healthier communities. For more information visit you can visit their website or call them at (732) 525-2900. Continue reading.