The greatest immunization someone can have is to stay active and healthy. Browse.

Get Real is Retro Fitness‘ pledge to provide an open, straightforward method of assisting you in reaching your fitness objectives. No matter how big or tiny your objectives are, they have a welcoming community of individuals just like you, and they provide a low-cost membership that is far more valuable than others!


They are a team dedicated to having a healthy mind, body, and spirit; we are not simply a gym. Ensuring you achieve yours—becoming enthusiastic about living a healthy lifestyle—is our top priority. Let Retro Fitness be your guide as you pursue wellbeing.

Let the Gains Begin

Fitness is a personal endeavor, and their team and personal trainers are here to assist you in tailoring your routines to meet your objectives. The health and fitness clubs provide various workout activities in one location so you can experiment, switch things up, and keep improving every day.

Training for all

Need inspiration? Retro provides team exercises, small group strength and conditioning, and personal training to help you achieve your objectives. Together, they accomplish more.

Group Classes Fit for You

Enjoy experimenting with various exercises? You may take multiple group fitness courses at each Retro location, all in the same gym, so you never get bored and can continually advance.

To assist you in achieving your objective, they provide personal training, small-group strength and conditioning exercises, and team workouts. Most of their training programs for safe and effective sessions include heart rate monitoring.

One-on-One Personal Training

The goal of their trainers is to assist you in leading a better lifestyle. Any person’s fitness path may be significantly impacted by practical personal training.

Whether you’re a newbie going to the gym for the first time or a seasoned veteran seeking a fresh challenge, it doesn’t matter.

With the help of their qualified personal trainers, you can achieve your fitness objectives.

Small-Group Training

Are you looking to work in a group and enjoy healthy competition and high energy? To assist you in achieving your fitness and health objectives, their group personal training provides you with both the support of others and specialized attention from their trainers.

Team Training

Want to be a part of something more substantial? Their TEAM conditioning offers a high-intensity training program conducive to group fitness. Together, they all accomplish more.

Track Your Progress

With cutting-edge technology, gym equipment, gamification of exercises, heart rate monitoring, nutritional analysis, and a reward system that will spur you on to continue, they’ll keep your training on track.


They provide options that will enable you to reshape your physique and achieve your objectives. All their selectorized equipment is aesthetically pleasing and simple to operate, and their free weights are both dependable and simple to arrange.

Chest press

Leg extension

Leg Press

Rotary Torso

HIT Abductor

Lap Pulldown

Diverging arm motions are performed independently to provide a natural line of action and more training diversity.

An angled seat promotes appropriate user positioning.

Thigh pads and the seat are readily movable for increased stability, comfort, and ergonomics.

Action Specific Grips provide increased comfort and strengthened grip.

Calf Extension

Prone Leg Curl


The fitness industry

A $30 billion fitness sector is expanding faster than the whole economy. Not only is fitness growing faster than the economy, but the generation that will use gyms the most is still young.

Retro Fitness is the third-largest player among its rivals in the lucrative, high-value, low-price fitness market. This market is well-positioned for success even during a recession or stagflation caused by rising inflation; this market is well-positioned for success.

Frequently asked questions

How Many Locations Does Retro Fitness Have?

More than 175 franchise sites for Retro Fitness are now either operating or being built.

What territories are available?

All 50 states have prospective territories that are up for grabs.

How Many Retro Fitness Franchisees Own Multiple Locations?

More than 55% of existing Retro Fitness franchisees own or have committed to owning more than one location.


The concept is adaptable to several settings, including inline and free-standing structures in commercial, residential, and industrial environments.

Visit their website or contact them at (732) 952-8747 for additional details. Up next is the British Swimming School at Esporta Fitness.