Since 1969, the Morey family has owned and maintained the traditional seaside amusement park known as Morey’s Piers, which can be found in the Wildwoods of New Jersey on the boardwalk. Morey’s Piers was selected as the second-best seaside amusement park in the world by Amusement Today. Learn more.

The park spans over eighteen acres and includes three amusement piers in addition to two beachfront waterparks. Amusement Today also ranked the park as the second-best seaside amusement park in the world. 

The pure joy of an amusement park, the sights, and sounds of a classic boardwalk, outstanding accommodations, and the rhythm of beach life are all combined at Morey’s Piers and Morey Resorts, which are conveniently located near the major population centers of the Northeast but feel like a world apart. Visit them at Surfside Pier, which is located at 25th Avenue and has the Ocean Oasis Waterpark and Beach Club, Mariner’s Landing Pier, which is located at Schellenger Avenue and features Raging Waters Waterpark, and Adventure Pier, which is located at Spencer Avenue.

Kids, like their exhilarating coasters, come in various shapes and sizes. Most rides have height criteria that must be met by all visitors in order to ride alone or, in some situations, at all. Morey’s Piers crew has been trained to rigorously enforce all standards and will do so regardless of the scenario, to protect the safety of their customers. As a result, there will be times when a kid is on the cusp of fulfilling a criterion. Morey’s Piers has created an Official Height Measurement Program, which is accessible at any Pier Guest Services location to assist maintain uniformity. 


Take your little child on one of the park’s kiddie rides if they are acting like a baby and do not want to ride any of the thrill rides or severe coasters. These rides are considerably more sedate.


Check out the rides they offer that are suitable for mom, dad, small brother, big brother, tiny sister, big sister, second-to-youngest brother, and every other possible combination of family members you could have.


To give the impression that you don’t care that you’re going to be propelled hundreds of feet into the air, horrified in the haunted house, or whirled about on a rollercoaster – on second thinking, wait on for that one – throw your hands in the air as if you simply don’t care.


Exclamation points were used throughout the description of these rides since they are so thrilling.

Please come to Guest Services upon your arrival and ask to be officially measured if your kid is on the borderline of any height requirement. An Associate will use a hospital-grade Stadiometer to measure your child’s height and provide a bracelet indicating his or her precise height. 

Every ride will still need your kid to be measured, but if there is a doubt about height, the Operator will verify the wristband and let your child ride if it is suitable. They also have a Parent’s Limited Ride Pass, which allows a single supervising companion to accompany a paying youngster who does not satisfy the height criteria on certain rides. Ask Guest Services or look for a designated sticker on the ride’s height sign. Another great place to visit is Jenkinson’s Aquarium.

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