The welfare and safety of everyone in their circle of care have always come first. As a result, The Lightbridge Promise, the industry’s gold standard for cleanliness, safety, and peace of mind, was created. Learn more here.

They guarantee that they will hold themselves to the highest standards, that their centers will be continually cleaned, and that better air filtration and purification systems will be in place. As part of the Lightbridge Quality Assurance Program, each facility is inspected, and in response to the present health issue, improved processes and procedures have been put in place.

Every day and every evening, there is ongoing cleaning.

The facilities adhere to strict rules for sanitizing and cleaning classrooms, including

They regularly handle items and surfaces throughout the day and at night.

Sanitized: System of continuous air filtering and purification

Their facilities are building an improved air purification and filtration system with Advanced Oxidation Technology, going above and beyond any child care system’s health and safety criteria. This system continuously purifies the air and sterilizes all visible surfaces, significantly reducing airborne infectious pathogens like COVID-19 by purifying the air and removing airborne particulates through HEPA filters. Its design is similar to that used in healthcare facilities, food processing facilities, and other compassionate environments.

Modern security and access systems ensure that the area is secure.

Modern technology contributes to the safety and security of Lightbridge Academy. Its security system, emergency drills, and procedures are some of the most sophisticated in the business, with features like face recognition entrance, quiet alarms, internal video surveillance, and restricted ports of entry.

Staff with CPR and First Aid training and certification

Everyone on the team has to have CPR and first-aid certificate; it is not adequate for a select few. To guarantee everyone’s safety, all staff members must also pass stringent background checks and have educational backgrounds that meet or surpass those specified by the state.

Lightbridge Quality Assurance Program inspection

In addition to inspections by state licensing bodies, each facility must conform to Lightbridge Academy quality standards, which may exceed statutory regulations. A quality assurance team member randomly inspects every center to ensure that it complies with all rules set out by the Lightbridge Franchise Company, the franchisor of the Lightbridge Academy.


Is The Solution For Working Parents

Their objective is to reduce the strain on working, busy parents. They are aware of your difficulties and understand that you need care in addition to providing your kids with a top-notch education and upbringing. Because of this, they created market-leading applications like ParentView® Internet monitoring and an e-Communication app that offers a constant, real-time connection throughout the day. They are the gold standard for health and safety; additional hours, backup care, wholesome snack and meal planning, extracurricular activities, and sometimes even overnight babysitting for parents to enjoy a night out provide them peace of mind.

More Than A Daycare Center

The word “daycare” is often used to refer to a babysitting service. They are much more than a simple daycare; this is not Lightbridge Academy! They take exceptionally seriously the transforming role they play in the lives of families. Their unique early childhood education program has a wide range of effects on the “whole” kid. Every kid’s potential, including academic performance, is unlocked by seeing every situation as a chance to learn.


infant Program


Your youngster is living an incredible moment in their life. Each day brings a different change, such as a grin, a fuss, a kiss, or a new tooth. They comprehend your new environment and that of your infant. You can rely on us to care for your baby’s requirements while also paying close attention to your needs as a parent. It might be stressful to leave your infant in the care of others; trust Lightbridge Academy to keep you informed and connected daily!


Their baby program provides a strong foundation for your child’s growth and development going forward. Even their youngest children are encouraged to explore the world around them in a secure and caring atmosphere through developing solid friendships, learning through play, and activating their five senses. Primary caregivers introduce a theme-based curriculum, strengthened by enrichment activities like Singing Sprouts, Spanish Sprouts, and Signing Sprouts.

Hand and finger dexterity:

as well as hand-eye coordination, infants develop via activities including clapping their hands in time to music, picking up finger foods, and holding onto their favorite toys.

Language: Expression of desires and needs, repetition, and the use of American Sign Language help language skills, ranging from hearing to processing sound to palate development to growth. Bridging the gap between their desire and capacity to speak while having their needs acknowledged lessens pre-verbal dissatisfaction.

Movement in Space: Babies progressively become more vital from head to toe as they cruise, sway back and forth, and take their first steps.

Social & Emotional: A child’s ability to flourish in social situations and gain trust with a smile, an embrace, or a supportive remark prepares them for long-lasting connections.


Exploration is crucial when a baby tries to understand the world around them. As infants begin to move, pull up, roll over, and ultimately crawl, their baby suite is the ideal, developmentally appropriate setting for them to do so.



Toddlers pick up so much information about their surroundings very rapidly. Learning to sing, speak, and run simultaneously is all about speed. Young children (18 months to 5 years old) three years old develop more quickly than virtually any other age group, and in their thoughts, the world is constantly changing. The toddler program at Lightbridge Academy is designed to maximize each of their quick developmental milestones.


In preschool, your kid is advancing significantly. After learning letters, they study words. In a cookery class, they move from cutting with scissors to measuring. Preschoolers always have inquiries and want to accomplish more and more things on their own. Preschoolers are learning the essential abilities they will need to grow up confident, prepared, and eager to study. Therefore this is a crucial time for them.



Your kid will grow more emotionally, physically, cognitively, and socially in their pre-kindergarten program. Studies demonstrate that a high-quality Pre-K program favorably impacts a child’s capacity for success in elementary school and life. Every child will benefit from our curriculum’s theme-based lessons and activities, designed to bring out their best qualities and prepare them for kindergarten.

Summer Day Camp

Summer Fun & Flexibility for Parents

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Children in elementary school are no longer in class, but that does not imply that their parents are free for the summer. Your kid will have a great summer filled with enjoyable activities, new friendships, unplanned antics, and water. A lot of water. While at it, choose a summer camp that accommodates working parents to give yourself a respite. The parent communication app, longer hours, and meal plans provided by Lightbridge Academy have you connected and covered. Visit their website or contact them at (732) 863-2769 for additional details.