All ages and riding abilities are catered to at The Legacy Riding Stables. Join them for SUMMER CAMP, SCOUT AND MERIT BADGE PROGRAMS, HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS, PONY RIDES & PARTIES, and TRAIL RIDES. More about Sayreville.

Trail rides with a guide.

You won’t realize you’re so close to your house. With unique Guided Horseback Trail Rides on more than 500 acres of lovely paths. One of their qualified and amiable trail guides will accompany you. Throughout the course, their guides are always happy to help and answer any questions you may have. While riding through it, you could see some of the Capik Nature Preserve’s diverse inhabitants, including foxes, deer, coyotes, turtles, hawks, and rabbits.

Remember that trail rides take place outdoors, so consider the weather as you prepare for your ride. For trail riding, they recommend long trousers and closed-toe footwear (such as boots or sneakers). All Legacy Riding Stables require all trail riders under 18 to wear helmets. They advise everyone who rides to use a helmet. On request, they’ll be pleased to loan you a helmet!

 Pony Rides 

Children and adults of all ages may take hand-led pony and horse rides. Their horses are tranquil, safe, and peaceful. Your kids will grin after seeing these!

Give your kid the inexpensive birthday celebration they’ll never forget, and make their dream come true! Birthday party possibilities abound at Legacy Riding Stables. Every birthday party includes a party organizer, use of their private photo booth, and contagious grins for everyone. From hand-held pony rides for younger children to horseback trail rides for older children and adults, they provide birthday parties for children of all ages.

Riding Lessons

All riders, from novices to experts, may take western riding lessons at Legacy Riding Stables. They work with their pupils to produce a lesson plan tailored to their riding and horsemanship objectives. They instruct riders on how to ride in the ring and on the trail, focusing on safety and enjoyment. Friendly, positive teachers teach us riding classes. Their horses and curriculum will help you achieve your goals, whether they are required to pick up a new talent or a long-forgotten pastime.

Riding lessons are available only seven days a week by appointment, and unless a private session is requested, they are semi-private. Pupils must wear long trousers, boots with modest heels, and helmets. New students are welcome to borrow an adequately fitted helmet from Legacy Riding Stables.

Ask about the cost of specialized horsemanship and riding instruction. Lunging, long lining, round pinning, and the concepts of applying classical training theory are all things that lesson programs may be devised to educate the new owner or lessee.

Students ages eight and above may take horseback riding lessons at Legacy Riding Stables. Unless both parties want it, they do not put adult riders in instruction groups with small children. Students are divided into courses based on their age and ability level. You may book private lessons with the teacher of your choosing.

Summer Camp 

Stay with them over the summer. When you spend a week experiencing horse ownership, enjoy and learn throughout the most beautiful week ever! At the lovely, forested Capik Nature Preserve, you may take lessons in riding, trail rides, saddling, horse nutrition, and other equestrian skills.

Numerous kids and teenagers have learned to ride on their safe, dependable camp horses.

At Legacy’s Summer Camp, kids and teenagers can experience horse ownership and all the joy that comes with it for a week. Campers are exposed to all the marvels of nature while making friends. They tend to ride horses at camp. Go to a lake for a picnic lunch, do arts and crafts, play games that include horses, and live out the weeklong fantasy of young horse enthusiasts.

These are some queries.

What is the weight restriction for trail riding on horses?

Riders are only allowed to weigh 205 lbs. You should be able to mount the horse without any help. Do they have the right horse for you?

What are the minimal requirements for horseback trail riding regarding age, height, and degree of experience?

Are bookings necessary for the “Lesson / Trail Ride Package Experience” or “Horseback Trail Riding”?

Reservations are not necessary for trail rides or the lesson/trail package on the weekends.

When are horseback trail rides offered when? Are you accessible in all weather?

Do you provide “Private” rides? My significant other and I would want a romantic and enjoyable date. Can we set this up?

What do I need to wear?

Do the Trails Have a Guide? Am I allowed to ride without a guide?

They take pleasure in offering a safe and enjoyable riding experience for the whole family. For more information, visit their website, or you may call them at (732) 727-3838. Additional information.