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Jenkinson’s Aquarium first opened its doors to the public in 1991 and is now a respected member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).  This indoor facility is devoted to teaching the general public on a variety of topics pertaining to marine life and conservation efforts. The Atlantic Sharks, the Coral Reef Fish, and the Local Fish are only a few of the marine inhabitants that can be found at the Aquarium. 

There is a Pine Barrens region that has turtles, frogs, and even an owl, as well as a Rainforest region that is home to monkeys and parrots. In addition to that, they also have touch tanks, harbor seals, and African penguins. Visit their Penguin Web Cam on the Aquarium’s website to see them in action. Once you have paid, you are free to come and go during the whole day; so, after you have seen their exhibits, you may go to the beach, rides, or mini-golf and come back later in the day to view some animal feedings. Available all year round.

Jenkinson’s Aquarium provides guests with the one-of-a-kind chance to interact with one of their incredible species while also gaining in-depth knowledge about them from the keepers, who are the experts in their care.

During this thirty-minute encounter, you will get the opportunity to visit one of their penguins or sloths (you may already be familiar with his name…Wally!) and see the ways in which their keepers are able to interact with these creatures on a regular basis. Find out what their preferred foods are, what their preferred enrichment activities are, how long they sleep, and a great deal more. Don’t leave home without your camera (or your phone’s camera), since the memories captured in these pictures will bring you a lot of joy in the future.

Their animal encounters provide an experience that is both one of a kind and enjoyable, making them an excellent option whether you are shopping for the ideal present or intending to reward yourself.

Ages 7 and above are permitted to participate in Animal Encounters.

There are opportunities for internships throughout the summer, autumn, and spring semesters (Camp Internship is only available in the summer). There are no paid internships, however, there are minimum hourly requirements that shift depending on the time of year.

During this one hour-long Behind the Scenes Tour, which you may book privately, you will discover all of the SEAcrets about what it takes to keep an aquarium operational. Find out what goes on behind the glass and learn about the work that goes into caring for a variety of marine creatures. This tour is likely to be memorable on many levels, from the room that provides life support and food preparation to a peek over their shark display.

During the course of the training, each participant is required to have their face covered or wear a mask.

Shoes with a closed-toe box are required to be worn.

Minimum 2 guests

$40 per Adult

$50 for each Adolescent (Ages 5 and up)

Admission to the Aquarium is included in the price.

There is a need for pre-registration. For more information, either give them a call at 732-899-1659 or fill out the contact form down below.

Jenkinson’s is an employer that provides equal opportunities for its employees. Applicants who meet the requirements for open jobs are given serious consideration regardless of factors such as race, color, religion, national origin, age, handicap, gender, sexual orientation, or marital status. It is required that each question be answered.

Guests will get assistance from volunteers, and instructive tours will be led by them. The major role that their volunteers play at their facility is that of ambassadors to the animals who live there. View the next blog.