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You will feel at home at CKO whether you have prior kickboxing experience or have never touched a bag in your life. Many members had never engaged in kickboxing before joining our club, but they now find it impossible to picture their life without it. Choose your favorite schedule to register for your first session, then enter your information online. Allow 15 to 20 minutes of extra time for the beginner’s orientation. Doing this will allow you to discover more about their facilities, the workout, and what to expect.


High-energy Kickboxing Training for All Fitness Levels

Prepare to engage in one of the most incredible cardio workouts available to lower stress and burn calories. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is a kind of exercise that experienced and enthusiastic teachers teach. To produce the most thrilling workout. They combine plyometric and calisthenic movements. These workouts push your muscles to work as hard as possible for brief periods of time. You’ll pick up rhythmic movements that are crammed into every session. This is how their kickboxing lessons are structured so that you may enhance both your general muscular endurance and strength.

Increase your physical

Mental Health

You’ll understand why fitness kickboxing is so popular after only one class! It might be challenging to decide on your regimen in traditional gyms, particularly after a hard day at work. Because each class’s exercises are customized by their teachers, CKO Edison stands apart from the competition. You need to show up and let the day’s tension go. Kickboxing boosts confidence while also assisting in weight reduction. You’ll leave feeling wholesome, powerful, and equipped to handle everything life throws at you.

Group fitness classes

At CKO, you’ll feel completely at home whether you’ve ever kicked a bag or have years of expertise. Before joining their club, many members had never engaged in kickboxing, but they now find it difficult to imagine their lives without it. Pick your favorite time from the schedule to sign up for your first class, then fill out the form online. Plan to be 15 to 20 minutes early. For the beginner’s orientation. You’ll get the opportunity to discover more about our facilities, the exercise, and what to anticipate. They’ll start by teaching you a few fundamental skills that will make joining the group exercise session simple.

Work at your own pace.

Also, don’t stress about bringing exercise equipment. Tennis shoes, baggy clothing, and water are all you need to come; they’ll provide the hefty luggage. You can purchase gloves from the gym or bring your own. Their staff can help you locate a pair that fits properly. Once orientation is through, you’re prepared to kick and strike the bag.

It’s acceptable if you don’t know anything about kickboxing. Every exercise their teachers create is flexible, allowing you to adjust to your fitness and ability level. They never ask for complicated maneuvers or methods. During the group fitness session, participants are encouraged to move at their speed. Their cardio kickboxing exercises are enjoyable because they want to create a welcoming atmosphere. Instead of emphasizing the combat component of your training, the instructors maintain the emphasis on the fitness component.

This program helps keep you responsible while providing the tools you need to alter your body and life. It includes nutritional advice, CKO Personal Training, UNLIMITED Kickboxing, body analysis tracking, fitness monitoring, and more.

Discover the workouts at CKO EDISON


Not your typical gym. The people of CKO Edison are aware of the strength in numbers. Lean on them for support when needed, keep each other motivated to achieve your objectives, and use their energy to propel you to victory.

Coaching for Nutrition Accountability

How you nourish your body to perform at CKO is almost as crucial as hitting the bags. Your CKO coach will hold you responsible and assist you in making better decisions so you can maximize every challenge. With advice and an accountable diet, you can get the desired outcomes.


Their group exercise classes are the ideal way to maintain interest and drive throughout your fitness quest. They take pleasure in building a strong neighborhood of motivated people who have one thing in common: hitting actual heavy bags. A support structure and a sense of responsibility may be created via Edison and the neighborhood group fitness programs. Don’t go to a typical gym alone. Their group kickboxing lessons are addicting since their skilled teachers can assist you in enjoyably accomplishing objectives!


What equipment do I need:?

You must wear boxing or MMA gloves to protect your hands since you will be punching a hefty bag. Feel free to bring your own or shop for a choice of gloves at the gym if you like. Put on comfortable, loose-fitting exercise attire. They promise that you’ll sweat. Shorts will thus probably be a decent choice. You must have clean sneakers, tennis shoes, or socks to participate in a class. Please bring a towel, and you’ll need water or a sports drink. These may be purchased in the gym as well.

Are there advanced classes and beginner classes?

They provide programs for all fitness levels. Since everyone gets their heavy bag to exercise and moves at their speed. Each member will be encouraged and pushed to achieve their desired outcomes by their experienced teachers.

Visit their website or contact them at (732) 707-1256 for additional details.

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