Children, families, fans of boardwalk pleasures, and anyone looking for a thrill are all welcome at Casino Pier. Explore the many exciting attractions that their Jersey Shore amusement park, which is located on a traditional pier, has to offer. Check this out.

The amusement park at Casino Pier has a large number of rides, pleasant ocean breezes, and a breathtaking view, so whether you are a first-time visitor looking to take your family on rides for the first time or a frequent guest at the park, you will find that there is something for you and your family to enjoy! 

Customers may enjoy a fun and thrilling family experience at Breakwater Beach, which is a cutting-edge water park with one of the biggest interactive play areas on the North Atlantic Coast. The Casino Arcade has all of the most recent video and redemption games of chance, in addition to all of the traditional slot machines, skee ball, and pin ball games. The Arcade is jam-packed with games. You will have fun at their arcade no matter how old you are because of the wide selection of games they provide. Fun for the whole family to enjoy!

Rides on the Bumper Cars are an essential part of any trip to the boardwalk and should not be missed. Drive about, listen to the music, and take advantage of the fact that this is the one and only spot where you may bump automobiles without sharing information about your insurance policies.

Riders are suspended in spinning vehicles on their Indoor Scrambler, where they feel the force of centrifugal motion while also spinning along two independent axes. The riders are accommodated in compact carriages that are grouped together and linked to one another by beams at the highest point of the structure. During the trip on their Centrifuge, they offer a number of unique features, including music, strobe lights, smoke effects, and colorful lights. They are overjoyed to have this ride once again after it was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.

The Wave Pool at Breakwater Beach has a surface area of roughly 5 860 square feet and may be found at the most eastern point of the Waterpark, just under the mountain golf course. There is an entrance that has no depth, and it slopes down to a maximum depth of 5 feet and 8 inches. Guests will be prevented from going beyond the wall of the wave chamber thanks to a rope of demarcation (float line) that will be placed 8 feet away from the wall of the wave chamber. The wave pool employs pneumatic forced air pressure to generate breaking waves in rapid succession for a period of ten minutes, after which there is a ten-minute period of rest.

It is strongly advised that anyone who cannot swim use life jackets. At the entrance of the pool are where you’ll find the life jackets.

The ambiance at Morey’s Piers, both for those who work there and those who come to visit, is electric. Their high-intensity atmosphere is perfect for those who are outgoing and get their energy from working in a setting that is always changing. Morey’s Piers is a place that values teamwork! Their objective is to put in a lot of effort while yet having a good time.

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Their recruitment procedure is quite selective, and an end result is a group of individuals who are able to behave and perform as a unit. They are excited to engage in conversation with you, achieve their objectives while having fun, and count on you as a part of their team.