Buyer Beware: Not All Stucco Homes are Created Equal

Buyer Beware: Not All Stucco Homes are Created Equal

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The purchase of a home that has a stucco exterior calls for careful consideration.

You’ve watched or heard about shows on television about people who go house hunting. Location, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and interior color scheme are all factors that the real estate agent and prospective home purchasers consider. On the other hand, the siding of the house is rarely discussed. This worries me as a builder because siding is one of the primary factors determining a home’s curb appeal. In addition to this, there is also the fact that siding’s primary purpose is to shield a dwelling from the damaging effects of the natural environment. Stucco siding requires careful consideration. What follows is the information that you must have!

Stucco installation

Stucco’s reliability, much like any other material used for home improvement, heavily depends on how it was installed. Unfortuitously, because stucco is composed of several layers, there are numerous opportunities for an inexperienced contractor to incorrectly apply the material due to the complexity of the material. An incorrect flashing is one of the most typical mistakes that occur during the installation process. As a result, water penetration can occur, resulting in significant and costly damage.


Cracking may develop on the home’s exterior if the sand used in stucco contaminates the soil around it. Although cracks can be repaired, the homeowner is typically the one who is expected to shoulder the financial burden associated with doing so. The fact that many installation problems don’t manifest themselves for several years after they’ve been completed is an issue that’s even more problematic.


Because working with stucco requires an individualized approach, you should be selective in the individuals you hire to complete the task.

Water damage

Stucco must never be allowed to come into contact with moisture if it is to keep its rigidity. It is essential to ensure that the gutters and downspouts on the house are installed in a manner that will channel water away from the structure. To prevent water from penetrating the stucco, special attention must be paid to the tight sealing of all doors and windows.

Paint color commitment

Because stucco is a siding material that can last for more than 50 years, selecting it for your home requires foresight and planning. Sandblasting the stucco is the first action to be carried out before changing the color. Skipping this step can lead to more severe problems with moisture in the future.

Stucco siding marketability

Buyers in humid or damp regions are typically hesitant to commit to purchasing a house with stucco siding for many of the same reasons described before. As a direct consequence, properties with stucco siding are more likely to be on the market for a more extended period than they would be if they had a different sort of siding. Because of this, it is very necessary to have a trustworthy stucco inspector working in collaboration with your real estate agent to reduce the likelihood of incurring expensive repair bills in the future.

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