British Swim School has spent more than 40 years educating youngsters as early as three months old on aquatic survival skills. British Swim School was founded by CEO and founder Rita Goldberg in 1981 from her home in Manchester, England. Rita devised the distinctive and highly successful teaching strategies that have become the company’s hallmark today. However, British Swim School, a multi-brand franchising company, purchased British Swim School in April 2019. However, their objective remained the same. They are committed to educating people of all ages and abilities in water survival techniques under the guiding principle of “Survival of the Littlest.”

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British Swim Schools initially provide swimming classes for infants, kids, and adults, emphasizing water safety before moving on to stroke improvement and more complex techniques. They provide almost 17,000 swimming lessons each week, making us one of the fastest-growing franchises in the country.



Are they looking for infant swimming lessons or toddler swimming lessons? The ideal location for youngsters to begin learning to swim is at Tadpole! Introducing them to the water for the first time in this water acclimation session for babies and toddlers reduces their anxiety and the likelihood of crying. At this level, we’ll introduce aided back flotation and submersion. In their parent and baby swim courses, you can anticipate plenty of singing and splashing while your kid freely and independently explores the aquatic environment.


Your children learn water survival skills via an organized program of songs, games, and fun, building on their tadpole abilities from our baby and toddler swim sessions. You will work one-on-one with your kid: your swimming teacher. To participate in the swimboree, students must achieve the objectives of their tadpole swim class.


The Swimboree kids’ and infant swimming classes use the same format and emphasize water survival, but the swim teacher works one-on-one with each child. Parents are actively seated on the pool deck. Engage in their kids’ swimming instruction while the youngster is in the water. To join Seahorse, students must complete their swimboree objectives.


Starfish is a children’s swimming program that introduces the water survival drills required in subsequent swim classes while encouraging moderate water exploration and the development of the child’s awareness of the aquatic environment. The swim training aims to build confidence and self-esteem in these kids. While providing your kid the freedom to explore the underwater world, they also emphasize increasing awareness and the capacity to adapt to new difficulties.


Do you need a starting swimming class for your water-loving kid? Children participate in a small-group swim lesson emphasizing enjoyment, safety, and independence in the water. See how much fun your kids and their swim teacher have while learning basic water survival skills.

Turtle 1

Children learn propulsion techniques for water survival in this small-group swimming lesson. They will be ready for their more advanced stroke levels if they know basic strokes on their backs and fronts.

Turtle 2

For the three strokes of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke, swimmers concentrate on having the proper arm, leg, and respiratory synchronization. Additionally, students learn about butterflies. This children’s swimming lesson involves plenty of movement as the students swim in pairs and trios.

Shark 1

Swimmers may hone their skills in four strokes—freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly—during these advanced swimming sessions for youngsters. Kids swim in pairs and threes in this session, moving around continually.

Shark 2

Is swimming a sport that your youngster adores? In Shark 2 swimming, kids are taught exercises, starts and turns, individual medleys, and how to swim faster and longer to be ready for the swim team.


Pupils improve individual swimming techniques under the guidance of knowledgeable coaches. This enjoyable league fosters healthy competition and team-building while encouraging frequent swimming to enhance distance, endurance, and speed. Accessible in a few places. Contact the neighborhood pools to learn more.


Each student receives individualized attention focused on the areas they need most. Depending on their requirements, instructors work closely with each student to develop a curriculum emphasizing safety and proficiency. Accessible in a few places.

Dolphin 1

On a case-by-case basis, they modify their core program’s swimming sessions to accommodate kids with unique needs. The bottom line is that we emphasize what they can achieve rather than what they cannot. The swim teacher will work one-on-one with each student to help them get accustomed to the water before moving on to the next level (s). Parents are welcome to participate on the deck while their child is in the water if they believe it will benefit the swimmer. 1:1 is the ratio. Accessible in a few places.

Dolphin 2

Individualized instruction with an emphasis on back floating and safe submersion techniques was given to kids with special needs as they were included in their primary program. Parents may still be engaged at this time, but our goal is to help children become independent of them so that they may eventually be included. When this level is finished, the youngsters should be able to enter at their Minnow level. Depending on the swimmer’s skills, the ratio might be raised to 2:1. (s). accessible in a few places.

BSS Cares Campaign

“Survival of the Littlest” is our slogan, and it guides all we do. The BSS Cares Campaign was created in collaboration with industry experts, suggestions from the CDC and OSHA, and the direction of state and local leaders in your communities. It incorporates the health and safety modifications to their program. It upholds their commitment to providing their swimmers, their families, and their staff with a clean environment that enables our crucial mission of promoting water safety for students of all ages and abilities.

Water Safety

Survival of the Littlest

Water safety is our first concern, and at British Swim School, our motto, “Survival of the Littlest,” is at the heart of all we do.

Although learning to swim is the first step toward water safety, swimming lessons do not guarantee a child’s water safety. Safety professionals ALWAYS advise using numerous levels of defense. In addition to formal swimming instruction, active supervision, physical barriers, sirens, and other measures are necessary for water safety.

Water Safety Tips

The ideal environment for “learning to swim” in northern New Jersey is at British Swim School, which provides gentle, enjoyable swimming instruction to people of all ages, skill levels, and experiences. Visit their website or contact them at (973) 957-3111 for additional details. Click here now.